My name is N. David Pastor and I’m a writer and musician from Queens, NY. Notes on Improvisation will include news, interviews, essays, podcasts, and so on. It is meant to reflect each of the different mediums in which I feel comfortable working.

So a little about me: I attended Binghamton University and graduated with two degrees: one in English and another in Spanish, affectionately known as a BA in Spanglish. I’m currently studying for a Masters in Spanish at Queens College. I’ve played in a couple of bands, most recently The Koyas and Bear Hunt Controversy. I’ve also released an EP of my own music under the name Neutral Tones. I’ve done a couple of academic conferences (Writing by Degrees and The Renaissances of Roland Barthes). I currently work for Radio Ambulante as Community Manager. I contribute music reviews for the Play Too Much music podcast as well as contribute to Qns Made and Ragazine. My work has appeared in The Rumpus and I have a short story forthcoming in the next issue of Newtown Literary. Any questions? Email me at n.davidpastor@gmail.com Thanks for checking out the site!

You can follow me on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/n_davidpastor

Listen on SoundCloud www.soundcloud.com/neutraltones or here:



  1. Ankur says

    Came across your post on Pessoa. You had me at ‘…a companion guide to melancholy’. I’m going to be using that line!

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